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Social media is the defining trend of this decade so far – and it is showing no signs of slowing. Just as the internet fostered a new way of doing business, social advertising has become the new way of marketing that business.

Compared with traditional push marketing methods, social advertising will HALF your spend, increase your ability to target those who might be interested in your product and present you with reliable data on who bought and why and, even more importantly, who didn’t and why!

Social media was directly responsible for $50+ billion dollars of sales in 2017 alone. Call us clairvoyant, but we’re pretty sure you’d love a tasty little piece of that, wouldn’t you?

True Socialites

We didn’t merely adopt social media – we were born in it. Unlike other providers who just tack on social media to their services and go through the motions – we believe social is an essential part of the journey to success.

ROI Focused

When you partner with O2L Media on your social advertising – we are not satisfied with anything less than an increase in leads and – ultimately – an increase in your sales and revenue.

Starting from just $350/month!

Pay just one affordable fee each month for ongoing optimisation, review and restrategisation by a social media expert. Graphic design and custom landing pages also available.

So why is social advertising so awesome?

Here are our top five reasons
Gain Targeted Traffic

1. Gain Targeted Traffic

Social media marketing in Brisbane uses the information volunteered by people on social media such as their age, location, interests – as well as the pages and posts a person likes – to determine what that person might be interested in with an insane degree of accuracy.

So you can know for sure that when somebody sees your ad or visits your site from that ad, that they were a qualified customer with a very high likelihood of an enquiry or purchase.

Message Heard

2. Have Your Message Heard

In Australia, people check their social media an average of 12 times per day. As they scroll, they see a variety of post from friends, groups and also – ads. As these ads appear almost exactly alike to normal posts and are highly relevant to the user. your ideal customer actually takes the time to read and consider your message.

By engaging a professional to carefully craft your message or offer, and have the targeting methods set up correctly, you can guarantee to have your message heard!

Even The Playing Field

3. Even The Playing Field

Yes – not all marketing budgets are equal. If you’re a small business, it’s tough to outdo a competitor with seemingly bottomless pockets and a well established reputation.

However, social media + a creative and professional marketing strategy can level the playing field. Create something original, innovative and compelling as your social advertisement – and your market won’t be able to ignore it!

The Power Of Retargeting

4. The Power Of Retargeting

Retargeting is the real game-changer and dollar maximiser – and it’s one of our favourite parts of creating a truly great online experience. Retargeting allows you to leverage the details and data left behind when somebody interacts with your ad or visits your website.

This means you can stay present in front of your potential customer, gain a repeat customer or even market directly in front of your competitors.

Pay in Cents Not Dollars

5. Pay In Cents – Not Dollars

That’s right. Unlike other traditional and pull marketing methods, which cost anywhere between $3 – $200 per CLICK – a quality social advertising campaign can be set up to pay less than a dollar per click. Sometimes even as little as 10 cents per click!

When the goal is to build and market your business, the lower the cost per visitor, the more scale and opportunity for sales you can achieve.

If you’re looking for social advertising with a focus on RESULTS, then you know what to do… ????

Success Stories

No words. Just keep doing what you’re doing O2L Media and I’ll stay a happy man!


Founder, Sydney Landscaper and Pool Builder

Since establishing an AdWords and SEO campaign with O2L for my podiatry business, the results have been fantastic. Their work has greatly increased patient numbers to each of our clinics. Every step of the process has been seamless with O2L – they are friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and have maximised our digital presence.


Owner, Podiatry Chain

In comparison to doing a website and advertising on our own, I can see the difference that O2L Media makes. O2L is worth every dollar spent from a business to create an online presence that directs to their success. And their ongoing personal attention throughout the process always put us at ease.


Co-Founder, Eco-Friendly eCommerce Business

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