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Messenger bots are changing the game in online marketing and customer experience.

Not only are they blowing email marketing out of the water, Messenger Bots are redefining how small businesses can delight their customers online and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process!

5X Your Open Rate

The average email marketing campaign in 2019 has an open rate of just 20%. That is FAR too many of your hard earned subscribers missing out on your valuable message – and far too much valuable revenue being lost for you! A Facebook Messenger Bot has an average open rate of – wait for it – 99%+!

10X Your ROI

A Facebook Messenger Bot audience is an engaged audience! By moving to conversational marketing, you can have an automated one-to-one conversation that educates, qualifies and converts without you ever having to lift a finger. By automating, you are able to scale and 10X your return faster!

From Just $1000

Bots are custom by nature, and need to be crafted or modified to suit your tone of voice, customer personas and your most valued actions or outcomes. If we have built a bot in your niche or industry, we are able to get a headstart on crafting your bot and reduce your one-off, upfront cost to just $1000 + GST.

Do any of these sound like you?

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to build your email list quick enough and large enough to enable you a sustainable, consistent flow of sales.

Even when you do build this list up to the tens of thousands of people needed for a healthy email list, you are finding that only a measly 10%-20% of people actually open the email!

You receive multiple emails or social media messages each day with questions, requests for quotes or appointment times – taking up hours of your valuable time or even causing you to hire an Admin Assistant at a cost of $25,000 – $50,000!

People are enquiring with you wayyyy too early in the buying cycle, causing you to speak to every single time waster when you know only 5%-10% of people will actually buy. And you wish there was a way you could get the prequalifying questions and answers you need taken care of before you or your sales team jump in!

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With our highly effective bot flows and proven results, we have been selected as an Agency Partner with ManyChat – the world’s premier Messenger Bot software.

Ready to automate your business with a Facebook Messenger Bot on your social media and website?

Success Stories

When I first used O2L Media’s bot, I knew we had to have one for ourselves. It was such a seamless customer experience.

Kate Austin Family Law

It has freed up so much of my time. Thanks so much!

Little Birdie Hair Co

Loving the results in comparison to my old email campaign!


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